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Spong comes from letters used in my name. S from Steven, and pong from Suwatanapongched. It originated when I was in high school art class, and needed to have a signature for my work. Being a comic book geek, I chose such a combination out of my name. I've been using this handle ever since. is a blog community of my friends and family. What started out as a personal website back in 1999, grew into a blogging site for several years. In 2008, I turned off the blog because I didn't want to maintain it anymore, and I ended up moving my blog elsewhere. I still hold this data here for historical purposes and is only available for friends and family that signed up.


Back in the late 1990s, I was inspired by sites such as,, and to write my own blogging system. After much research, I looked into blogging distros such as,, and But they all had more features than what I really wanted. So I decided to write my own.

Friends and family members all received free accounts because was a project in the works. The project has been built and converted through various technologies over the years:

  1. It was initially built with Perl and HTML in 1999, when I was still in college. Eventually PHP replaced Perl. I it through my school's free web account, but it didn't include any database whatsoever.
  2. After college I got my own linux box running Red Hat Fedora, and added a mySQL database.
  3. For a short bit, I converted it to Classic ASP and an Access database.
  4. The next conversion was to with a MSSQL database with hosting on and
  5. Now it's built with Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database. All of which is hosted on Heroku with Heroku Postgres.
Variety of technologies was built on.